Extend 'SQL Server Stored Procs' as RESTful APIs in 3 easy steps!

What is easyAPIs?

easyAPIs is a simple yet powerful web-based utility that generates fully functional C# source code to extend stored procedures into RESTful APIs. It uses a minimal definition of a stored procedure and an API. 

Who is it for?

easyAPIs is for .NET developers who want to
- Develop POCs and opportunistic applications
- Publish RESTful APIs for extant applications
- Create RESTful APIs for queries and reports
- Learn the ropes of RESTful API development

Why easyAPIs?

> Easy and intuitive
> Assumes zero knowledge of C#
> Requires only basic knowledge of APIs
> Creates 'ready to go' C# code and build files
> Creates OpenAPI compliant descriptions


You own the generated source code; there are no royalties to be paid.

No. There are no proprietary components in the generated source code.

No. There are no runtime dependencies for the generated source code.

easyAPIs generates .NET native C# source code that is fully readable and editable. You can edit the generated source code as you wish. However, we recommend that you do not do this. The entire point of generating code is to avoid manual coding for error-prone parts of the application viz. the middle tier. easyAPIs helps you limit manual coding to just the SQL inside your stored procedures. 

How does it work?


Create an application and define a stored procedure

Create an application with a name.
Define a stored procedure for the application - give it a name and input/output parameters.


Create the API

Extend the stored procedure as an API - associate it with a resource name and a HTTP verb.
That's all for definitions.


Generate source code

With definitions in place, hit the 'Generate API code' button.
Get fully functional C# source code for your API by email.
Plus, get an elegant Readme.htm document that explains every bit of the generated code.

easyAPIs is FREE to try

Take a test drive now. Hit the 'Start' button!

Plans and pricing

(All plans are fully featured and come with email support)

Introductory Offer!


₹  999 per month
  • Manage upto 25 stored procs at any point in time


₹  1,499 per month
  • Manage upto 50 stored procs at any point in time


₹  1,999 per month
  • Manage upto 100 stored procs at any point in time

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